Me. In all my glory!Hi there, I’m Simon Knight! I mainly work as an independent software testing consultant, often with agile teams seeking to deliver software using continuous integration and delivery pipelines. Over the last couple of years my engagements have become increasingly focused on leadership, particularly with regards to identifying and implementing change and improvement in testing and quality engineering processes.

I enjoy and take pride in my work and I’m very comfortable with both technical or managerial engagements, where possible seeking to blend the two. As you might imagine, this gets a bit tricky at times – but I like to think I’m up to the challenge!

As you may gather from some of my posts, I’m actively involved in both the software testing & development communities and have over the past 3-4 years engaged with various organisations and activities, including:

The Birmingham Software Tester Meetup – organiser & host
The Testing Planet – editor since 2011
Midlands Exploratory Workshop in Testing – co-organiser
TestBash – 2013/2014 conference host
Romanian Software Testing Conference – 2014 workshop delivery
Various community events – speaker

Outside of work I have an active family life revolving mainly around my children and entrepreneur wife all of whom keep me fairly busy with the normal associated activites. When I do have some free time I’m a keen (if not very accomplished) writer and programmer (Ruby mainly). I also love to read and play videogames.

If you’re looking for a professional and dedicated software tester/automation expert/performance engineer/test manager/speaker/trainer then please feel free to give me a shout.