Comments from recent clients:

“If I were crazy enough to cut Simon in half I would find that he bleeds Quality. Simon is, of course, conscientious and dedicated to the task at hand but is also able to identify and drive through process improvements. Furthermore his ability to engage with people of all abilities and backgrounds produces a Strategic Vision rarely found in the Test Arena.” – Jon Greenwood, Java Developer

“Simon was my mentor in an Agile team, where he coached me in BDD and Test Automation. He is a first rate QA expert who has a broad breath of experience and knowledge. It was a great pleasure to work with Simon and I have learnt a great deal during the short time we worked together.” – Julie Elmer, Test Analyst

“I hired Simon to pick up the test architecture work for Dunelm on their re-platform programme. He was good at understanding the goals I wanted to achieve and great at giving feedback if he thought something was not working, along with a proposed solution.
He combined this with being an effective member of one of the scrum teams, meaning that he added significant value to the programme with his test expertise. I would happily hire him again.” – Monty Menon, Agile Programme Manager

“I worked with Simon on the Dunelm contract and was impressed by his grasp of numerous tools and approaches to testing. Simon has an incisive enquiring mind and can be relied upon to both take projects forward himself and also to audit work already in progress to ensure an optimal approach is being followed.

Simon is considerably engaged with the testing community and has made me consider getting much more involved with Meetups and such from this point forward. I expect to see Simon as a leading light in the field of testing and beyond going forward.” – Haden J Robbins, Agile Tester

“Simon is a first rate QA expert who has a broad breath of experience and knowledge. It is always a pleasure to work with capable individuals and Simon excels in everything he does.

Simon worked in one of the Agile teams in Leicester and was utilised in a Lead QA role. He trained and coached another QA team member in BDD, Test Automation and multi-device testing, as well as actively participating in improving our testing approach across the platform team.

I would not hesitate to work with Simon again and I would highly recommend him to any of my future assignments.” – Carl Bruiners, Agile Coach/Scrum Master

“Simon was recruited to Technophobia to provide short-term load / Performance testing capability for an enhancement to a system soon to be delivered. Simon’s professionalism and technical ability are excellent.
He delivered the load test scripts required of him ahead of schedule, identified areas of performance that scripts had not been asked for that needed load testing and produced the necessary tests. After completion of test execution, Simon’s ability to interrogate the system proved invaluable for the Technical support team to resolve identified issues. ” – Paul Knibbs (Test Manager)

“Whilst Simon has only been with us for a short period he has already made a positive impact on the team. His utter committment to meeting his objectives can intimidate some but seeing such motivation can and should be an inspiration to all.” – John Millington BA Hons MBCS CITP CEng (Head of Business Systems & Architecture)

“While working at ABN AMRO, Simon proved himself to be an extremely proactive member of the team. He worked extremely hard under difficult conditions to deliver far beyond the client expectations. Simon is also a very effective communicator and provided excellent support with reporting and test tool training. I would not hesitate to recommend Simon to any project requiring an efficient and resourceful functional test consultant.” – Darren Conroy (Senior Consultant)

“Simon Knight has worked in my team as Lead tester for a system migration, including data migration project. During this time Simon has proven himself as a processional tester. He has good knowledge of testing methodologies and is able to communicate in a professional to all levels of the organisation. ” – Hannes Soeters (IT Portfolio Manager)

“I worked with Simon during the implementation of a banking application upgrade and found him to be highly capable with superb communication skills and analytical ability, delivering concise solutions in a timely fashion. Simon is a reliable and to-the-point professional and I look forward to working with him again in his future career.” – Angele Griffin (Senior Business Analyst)