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  • I enjoyed this insightful post from testing commentator James Christie, analysing the recent Boeing 737 crashes and their implications for developers, testers and organisational leaders alike: An abdication of managerial responsibility? “If software development and testing are seen as commodities, bought and sold on the basis of price, then commercial pressures will push quality downwards… Testing is particularly vulnerable. When the value of the testing is low then whatever cost does remain becomes more visible and harder to justify.”
  • The notion of organisations drifting slowly into failure is discussed in The Innovators Dilemma. Not a book I’ve made much progress with yet, but it’s on the stack.
  • I’m experimenting with Notion as a potential replacement for Evernote, since the latter feels like it’s showing it’s age a bit. So far, I’m impressed by some of the functionality offered by Notion; the ability to create kanban boards and spreadsheets/databases directly inside of the application are particular selling points. I’m not quite so enamoured by the UX, but that could be said of Evernote also. I’ll likely be spending some time familiarising myself with the docs in any event.
  • I’ll be attending BrumAI later this week. There’s various talks lined up, one of which should be particularly interesting to those of a testing & performance persuasion: How Instana uses AI to automate Application Performance Monitoring.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out via a comment or on the socials if anything resonates.


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