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By July 8, 2019 Mondays 2 Comments

Rounding-up my weekly readings, for your musing pleasure of a Monday morning.

  • No earth shattering news, but I appreciated the overview of recent trends in performance testing from the Neotys folks here: 7 Trends in Modern Load Testing
  • I’m expecting to take on a junior PM later this month, so I’ve been thinking about how to model our current product development approach & processes, so I can get them up to speed fairly quickly once they start. Part of that process for me has included comparing and contrasting my approach with other peoples, which led me to this post about dual track development; something we practice to a degree, but as with anything, there’s always room for better ideas and improvements.
  • It’s been a slow week on the interweb front, so I’ll tell you about what I’m reading instead. Currently on the stack (mainly) is Dream Machine; basically a history of computer science, computing and the internet – that I would never have thought to buy for myself but got gifted to me instead by friend & colleague Tasos Zervos. Thanks mate!
  • Also, I’m going through a bit of a comics phase. Specifically, Neil Gaiman comics. So, having recently re-completed the entire Sandman series, I’ve moved onto the Books of Magic. Which is now taking up entirely too much of my time…
  • Much of the rest of my time this week has been spent preparing for upcoming webinar, Best Practices in TestRail Customization. Register here, if it’s something you’re interested in:
Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out via a comment or on the socials if anything resonates.



  • Robert Day says:

    On Neil Gaiman: you may be interested in this blog post from a couple of years back, when we went to see Neil at the Hay literary festival. It says something about his status as Coolest Guy In The Room that not only does he get interviewed by Stephen Fry, but that Mr. Fry’s nose was distinctly out of joint precisely because Neil WAS the Coolest Guy In the Room and not him. And then Fry was further upstaged by Neil bringing on his rock star wife to do a reading from his latest book…

    • Simon Knight says:

      Thanks – I’m not that big of a Neil Gaiman fanboy tbh – I think some of his latter work is hit and miss at best, but his comics are second-to-none!

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