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  • SmartBear acquired Cucumber Ltd – giving them huge reach into the testing and development community: “Nearly a million developers and testers around the globe use the Cucumber open source tooling to enhance their agile development practices using BDD.” SmartBear plans to use Cucumber alongside HipTest to help “teams to get the most value out of their BDD scenarios through deep collaboration and integration with relevant developer tools.”
  • TestIM (machine learning powered test automation tool) releases new features: Multi Tab Indicator, Advanced Merge, Failed Test Retry Flag and Refresh Option
  • LoadNinja gets an AI boost. “The LoadNinja recorder is now enhanced with artificial intelligence that insulates you from having to define what selector to use to identify objects for playback. The AI will decide the best selector for a successful playback ensuring you can better focus on modeling scripts.”
  • I enjoyed reading 7 Automation Software Market Trends to Pay Attention To,because in addition to automated test tool opportunities, “as more and more small businesses are growing out of the manual spreadsheet approach and replacing it with automation software” they also need a place to coordinate, report on and generally manage all that testing.
  • This article from InfoQ on Experience Building a QA Team in a Growing Organization resonated with my recollections of working with QA teams, with some good lessons learned along the way.
  • Sadly, not everyone is interested in growing their testers professionally, finding a sweatshop ethos more effective instead. The Human Cost Of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4:
  • I wasn’t massively impressed by this list of Top 20 Books Every Product Manager Should Read. I’d recommend staying tuned for a better list from yours-truly in due course. One book which will definitely make my list is Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days – I’m reading it at the moment and have a number of pages of notes, actions and takeaways so far. More news on this to follow also.
  • This article on Coaching: Managing Time from Marty Cagan was enlightening. I’m a big believer in planning my time carefully so as to maximise the number of large blocks of time that can be dedicated to deeply focused creative work, but I have very much fallen into the trap of doing much of the project management work for our various workstreams, and as Marty predicts – I’m quite reluctant to let it go! At least I know where my time is going though, and I have already taken some steps to try and scale-up the product development process in ways that mean don’t become a bottleneck.
  • I appreciated some thoughts from Rosie Sherry about keeping content on her (various) blogs rather than on social media, by virtue of creating a timeline tag or category (though I couldn’t find the article again when I looked for it). Anyway, it seemed to give me the kick I needed to start writing and publishing shorter blogposts again. Checkout my timeline posts here:
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