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Leadership means finding a new direction, not simply putting yourself at the front of the herd that’s heading toward the cliff.

This inauguration speech for the West Point Academy class of 2009 resonates with me on any number of levels. Most of all though, it inspires me to withdraw still further from the “cacophony in which it is impossible to hear your own voice” and spend more time thinking and working deeply.

On the subject of leadership, or management at least, I picked up Michael Lopp’s Managing Humans – again – to try and help me overcome my recent line management woes, and to work towards ensuring they don’t reoccur. At least, not in the same way. As an aside, I’m pretty sure I heard about Managing Humans from James Thomas’s review on his blog. He also recommended I read this article (by the same author), which was pretty helpful under the circumstances.

A new addition to the [blog] reading list is this series of posts on mapping methodologies from Simon Wardley, starting with Chapter One: On Being Lost. Like many additions to my reading list, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to get from them (probably systems thinking and modelling/mapping insights) – but I’m pretty sure whatever it is, it’ll come in useful at some point!

This post from Nicola Owen grabbed my attention: Reflecting on leading a Testing Community of Practice Part I. Probably because I’ve experienced many similar struggles myself in the past. It’s funny how in some ways, I find myself in a similar position even now, since our emphasis on product webinars this year is geared towards building a kind of community of practice around TestRail. Obviously our motivations in doing so are somewhat less altruistic, but my goal is certainly to try and help people overcome their testing challenges. If we can generate some additional business in the process… Well – what’s not to like? 😉

On the subject of helping people learn more about testing, it’s brown bag week this week at Gurock. Our standard practice is to watch a video together and have some Q&A time after. This month, I’m probably going with this talk on using data from testing to guide your processes, from NTD2018:. Hoping it might also give me some ideas for a consulting gig I’m working on currently also!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out via a comment or on the socials if anything resonates.


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