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  • More PM problem areas to grapple with over the coming weeks and months. Thanks Marty Cagan for highlighting them!
  • Discovering this article kind of stole my thunder a bit, as I prepared to deliver a PM interview questions workshop at the Birmingham ProductTank Meetup. Of course, the workshop was a far more interactive and exciting approach to considering the problem of what and how to test for required competencies in PM candidates. If you want to find out more about that, see my PM Diary article here: Product Manager Skills Workshop
  • I referred to this article a number of times while thinking about how best to visualise our workflow and set everything up in Jira etc. It’s not quite how we work currently or how I envisage us working in the future, but there’s plenty to take away and mull over: Lessons learned from scaling a product team
  • I really did love this post from Peter Krmpotic, What’s the Secret to Becoming a Great Product Manager? TLDR: becoming customer centric. I like to think I’m pretty good at this but, having been the customer (tester, test manager) for a long while in the past, I’m often in danger of thinking I know who the customer is and what they want. A treacherous path to follow. This article, more than any other I’ve read recently, helped keep me on the straight and narrow.
  • How to Take Notes While Reading, from Scott H. Young made me think. I have my own technique for making notes from books that I’ve read, but I’ve not really measured how effective it actually is, so I’m open to improvements. I’ve mentioned before that I’m also borderline obsessive with note taking for work and other purposes generally, so it’s grist for the mill. But additionally, I was talking with some folk during the week about the bet ways to learn domain knowledge, and it occurred to me that some of the techniques here could be useful for that…
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