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  • As a budding product person, I couldn’t help but be a little shamed by this article; everything is too complicated. It really is! And I don’t want to fall into the trap of making some of the assumptions the author refers to.
  • I love this article (and the cartoons!), and it speaks directly to a specific issue I’m thinking about in terms of my work currently. Namely, trying to bridge the cultural divide between my thinking and that of a co-worker; ideally to our mutual benefit.
  • Interesting (and pre-Christmas) reflections from Paul Maxwell-Walters with regards to testing, relevancy and mid-life crisis.
  • As I continue to dig into the day-to-day work of trying to design and build a product our customers love, figuring out how to build for different types of customers becomes increasingly important. This article on building enterprise grade applications is chock full of great advice!
  • I actually followed through on my plan to start publishing a series of product manager diary posts! You can find the first one here!
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