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  • My problem is not so much that I don’t get around to reading my books (although that does happen quite a lot). It’s more that I don’t finish a lot of the books I start. Of course, you could call this an effective strategy for dealing with potential sunk–cost syndrome instead; i.e. I don’t worry too much about abandoning something that’s not working out, just because I invested some time and/or money into it. In any event, the idea of an anti-library resonates, as discussed here.
  • As a result of a Slack conversation (about the initiation, organisation & assimilation of customer interviews), I went looking online for “The Mom Test”. Since the book itself seems expensive for a purported 2hr read, I found this set of summary slides instead. Kudos to Max Voelkel for putting them together in the first place.
  • I like the idea of moving fast and breaking things (to paraphrase Mark Zuckerberg), but our dev process just doesn’t support it in quite the way I’d need it to, right now. We’re trending in the right direction, but our team size and our approach constitutes a kind of competitive advantage, that we’re not going to change anytime soon. So, while we figure out how best to implement the processes and infrastructure that support a more experimental dev and ops approach, I’ll need to find some other ways to satisfy my curiosity. Anyway, this line of thought was inspired by SkyScanners Rik Higham, speaking at #MTPCon.
  • This is an epic list of product related links that I almost certainly will never finish. It will surely grease my self-development wheels though!
  • Heh – this Describe Your Job with a Gif thread from just made me laugh. Enjoy!
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