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Writing this with a somewhat damaged left arm as a result of a cycling incident on Friday. Don’t think it’s broken, but I haven’t had an x-ray yet. Waiting to see how things look over the next couple of days…

Anyways, apologies in advance if articles are a little briefer over the next few weeks.

  • We were proud to announce the release of TestRail 5.6 last week.
  • I spoke for the first time in a while at the Birmingham Product Tank meetup. Just a lightning talk based on a previous blog post here, but it was well received and lends itself to being turned into a longer talk and potentially even a workshop. Watch this space!
  • I’ll be hosting the Continuous Testing Part 2 webinar next week with Paul Gerrard.
  • While searching for an author discussed during the aforementioned meetup (Steve Haines) I discovered this list of 25 product people books.
  • I really enjoyed this talk from Donna Lichaw about using the power of a compelling narrative arch to create better products.
  • Oh yeah… It was Comic-Con this weekend. Hence the cute pic! (From left to right: Gamora [1], Thor, Raven, Storm, Spider Girl & Gamora [2])
Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out via a comment or on the socials if anything resonates.


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