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  • As a kind of homage to Stan Lee, Knight Towers has been working its way through the Marvel Cinematic Universe back catalogue, watching out for all his wonderful cameos. Of course, there’s plenty to choose from both in and outside of the Marvel Universe, as the IMDB actor credits here demonstrate. I’ve grown up with Stan Lee, as no-doubt many of you have, and genuinely feel a sense of loss. Excelsior!
  • While watching the MCU films, I’ve felt a sense of awe at their achievements. I see them as a kind of renaissance for the Marvel characters and Marvel publishing empire generally. It’s worth having a read of their business practices here to get a better sense of how they’ve thought different about their approach to film making so as to accomplish the sense of a genuinely shared universe (as opposed to the somewhat paler efforts of e.g. DC).
  • There seems to be even more product conferences than there are testing ones! Since I know some of them are putting out calls for papers, I shall try to get my mojo in gear and at least submit some ideas for talks.
  • Some really good ideas for increasing user engagements with SaaS applications here. I’ll be spending some time looking at UX/UI enhancements for TestRail over the next few weeks, so I’ll be looking to apply them.
  • It’s good to be comfortable with ambiguity during the design process, as this article discusses. Anyone from a testing background will certainly be familiar, if not comfortable with, uncertainty. Surprised not to see the Cynefin framework get a mention though.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out via a comment or on the socials if anything resonates.


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