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Bullets below, this week brought to you from the side of a Stourbridge football pitch while observing a middle-daughter away game. #ParentLife

  • I’ve never been much of a fan of non-functional as a term for describing, in all likelihood, some of the most critical requirements for a to-be-delivered system. I was pleased to see the DevOps community proposing the term operational requirements instead. I for one will be adopting it henceforth.
  • I read this article from HBR and came to the conclusion that I basically have all these skills (in varying measures – there’s certainly room for improvement!) I’ve been working on developing a personal development plan for the next couple of years though, so the concepts will certainly act as grist for the mill. I suspect that most testers reading this will find themselves similarly equipped btw. But, if I were to recommend a single skill that most should work on as a priority, it would likely be in the area of communication and influence.
  • I found this article from Sogeti Labs a useful summary of where blockchain is at currently, from an enterprise perspective.
  • I very much enjoyed reading Schoot et al’s Considerations When Testing a Software Application in a Context Driven Way. I’m not exactly sure of the distinction between Context Driven and exploratory these days, and if I’m honest – probably not interested in finding out – but I did like the article overall. So much so, that I considered using it as the topic for an internal brown bag session.
  • Unfortunately, time pressure is such that anything requiring additional preparation from me (as a session revolving around the article almost certainly would) tends to fall down the list a little as other priorities compete for my attention. So, instead, I decided to go with a video of Michael Bolton (and James Bach’s) wonderful presentation, The Logic of Verification, instead.
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  • Robert Day says:


    Apropos of nothing in this week’s posting, last weekend I was at Novacon in Nottingham (the annual November science fiction convention), where the Guest of Honour was Chris Beckett. He is a very thoughtful writer, and won the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 2012 for his novel Dark Eden, a tale of an extraterrestrial colony gone wrong. You may find his work of interest.

    • Simon Knight says:

      Noted. I picked up R. Scott Bakker’s The Darkness That Comes Before a few days back. Good so far, and he also seems to have an interesting slant, coming from a philosophy & cognitive science background:

      • Robert Day says:

        I’ve not read any of Bakker’s work, but I’ve seen the name. Looking at his reviews on LibraryThing, I see people who don’t like this book or that book nonetheless posting long and detailed reviews, which means that even if their reaction has been unfavourable, they’ve nonetheless engaged with the novels. This is a Good Thing in my opinion. Those who have liked his work have also posted substantial reviews.

        So one to look out for, I think. Thanks!

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