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As mentioned in my previous post, last week was all about pulling together a roadmap ahead of the quarterly review meeting. Most of the items on the existing roadmap have emerged over the course of time, from requests and customer meetings etc. So really, bringing it all together was more a matter of justifying the existing items by demonstrating how they aligned with trends and challenges in the marketplace.

The relatively recent release of the 2018 World Quality Report made my life a lot easier in terms of pulling together the necessary information than it otherwise would have been. So, thanks Sogetti, MicroFocus et al for that!

  • The recent SmartBear State of Testing report was also helpful, if slightly more biased towards tooling and automation.
  • As I continue to build out and improve the roadmap (and my own product management skills) over time, I continue to find value in seeing how other people think about, visualise or otherwise model their roadmaps. As such, I found this article from Joe Van Os insightful: The Art of the Strategic Product Roadmap
  • I’m on a bit of a strategy kick at present, having also discovered Richard Rumelt’s book; Good Strategy, Bad Strategy.
  • I consider Product Management work (and testing) creative in nature, so felt drawn to this article on The Daily Stoic: 9 Stoic Principles every Creative Needs to Thrive
  • Something of an annual tradition for us here at Knight Towers is to spend November re-watching some of our favourite films from the year courtesy of the Into Film Festival. Accordingly, in my capacity as – ahem – a homeschooling parent, I’ll be accompanying my daughters to various films over the next few weeks, starting with Ready Player One on Wednesday morning. Popcorn, anyone?
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