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Monday Musings is back after three weeks off – Woohoo!

A big part of the product manager role is having conversations with customers and users of your product. I’ve done a fair bit of this already, but finding more folk to talk with is a constant challenge. If you’re a user of the TestRail product and would be interested in a discussion, please do let me know!

Anyway… Finding people to talk to is only one part of the equation. The other bit is the actual talking, right? The sessions can be kind of interview style. And, while picking up the basics of interviewing is fairly straightforward. Getting good at it takes a bit more commitment. Which leads me to my latest venture.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, I decided the time was right to start my own podcast. Partly, because it will help me work on the interview skills I need to be successful in my PM capacity. But also because it scratches various other itches.

I’ve had a domain sat around, idle, for several years now, the vision for which originally was to explore different kinds of skills. I always imagined I’d build some kind of a map of different skillsets and how they related to each other, or how some skills had to be built on top of dependent skills, etc. For one reason or another though, time, life, etc; I never got around to it. I have a bit more free time to play with now though, so I plan on developing the site using podcast content in order to fulfill, at least in part, my original vision.

Running a podcast will check a number of other boxes also. For me, it will provide a great opportunity just to explore the kinds of skills, competencies, behaviours and thinking required to be successful in various other domains, industries and roles. While I’m learning about those things, I’m also producing something that will hopefully be of value to other people, as well as learning the tools and skills needed to engineer a hopefully successful podcast.

Based on some advice I received from another successful podcaster (thanks Mark Tomlinson) – I’ll be waiting until there’s at least 3-4 completed podcasts before publishing them all, and that’s still a few weeks off. So, stay tuned for more info soon. And in the meantime, sign up for the newsletter here if you want more updates.

  • On the subject of podcasts, I enjoyed reading this post about some great development based podcasts. A version of my own is likely to follow soon, and I’ll probably be subscribing to some of the recommendations to boot.
  • Writing great docs for our product is something I think about a lot (particularly as we head towards a release). So I was pleased to see this article arrive in my mailbox last week: Writing Great Docs for your App
  • I’m looking forward to the #Midstest Meetup next week, where Subha Manoharan will be talking about the Spotify Model of Software Testing. Spotify is probably my most used piece of software, so it’ll be interesting to hear how they go about testing it. Also, I think the #Midstest organisers are doing a fantastic job with the Meetup generally, so a big-up to all involved.
  • Coming up we have our September webinar, Continuous Testing with TestRail. I’m excited to be collaborating with AgileTestWare on this one, and it’ll be a little more technical than usual. Go sign up here if you’re interested!
Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out via a comment or on the socials if anything resonates.


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