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I spent a day or so this week analysing the results of a recent survey. Handling survey data isn’t something I’ve had much experience with in the past (though we did a more general survey late last year also). Thankfully, it turned out to be pretty straightforward. The process I ended up following was simply asking a series of questions of the initial data, and then allowing the answers to prompt further iterations of questions and answers.

If there’s one thing that 10 years of testing has taught me, it’s how to ask good questions.

  • On the subject of asking good questions, I’ve been listening to a bit of Cal Fussman recently. I particularly enjoyed his recent discussion with James Altucher, which got me thinking some more about the nature of this blog and some places I might take it in the future, amongst other things.
  • I spent a couple of weekends recently looking at some potential new frameworks for creating, managing and hosting this blog also. The idea of moving to a framework that generates static HTML, like Jekyll or Gatsby holds a certain amount of attraction and probably some significant performance gains. Hosting it would likely get a lot cheaper also, at least in the short term. Having investigated the situation though, WordPress still has the critical edge of just being far more convenient. So, until I find a framework that allows me to manage my blog from my iPad, as I am mostly able to do currently, I’ll stick with WordPress.
  • I’m being interviewed this week for so, that’ll be fun I’m sure. Watch out for a link to the recording soon.
  • As Robert predicted in his comment on last week’s Musings; I did find Pratchett’s Colour of Magic somewhat hard going. Currently enjoying Fight Club instead, which I somehow never got around to reading yet.
  • I almost forgot! I hosted the Defining Test Strategy webinar last week. If you missed it, you can check out the recording here.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out via a comment or on the socials if anything resonates.


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