Monday Musings

An unintended consequence of my information diet is not having many links, books or other items of interest in my weekly musings sessions. Whoops! I’ll need to redress that somehow. In the meantime, please forgive this slight interruption in normal services.

  • I’m spending much of this weekend and likely the week ahead analysing our JIRA Testing Plugin survey results. The survey is now closed and winners of the prize draw will be notified via the Ministry of Testing shortly.
  • Last Wednesday I was in London for the Assurance Leadership Forum (ALF), one of the highlights of which was listening to Simon Norrington talk about and facilitate a discussion on macro trends in testing. The trends discussed were: Collaboration, specialisation, cloud hosting, architectural shifts, ease of use & deployment. There were a number of interesting takeaways which I’ll try and address in a separate post.
  • The ALF is organised and primarily hosted by Paul Gerrard who, incidentally, will be joining us for a webinar on test strategy this week. Sign up for it here.
  • One article I did was over the course of the week that stands out is this one from John Cutler: Is Agile the Enemy (of Good Design)? I identified with many of the challenges John highlights in his article, and it made me start thinking about issues of design and MVP’s from a slightly different perspective. An awareness of the potential for problems here is likely the first step towards being able to address the issue(s), so I’m grateful to John for writing the post.
  • I am allowing myself around an hour or so per day of pleasure reading. Mainly fiction at present and, since I overloaded on Iain M. Banks after four straight books from the Culture series, I’m trying out some Terry Pratchett instead. Currently enjoying The Colour of Magic.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out via a comment or on the socials if anything resonates.


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  • Robert Day says:

    Many people find ‘The Colour of Magic’ difficult to get on with because it’s a fix-up; three shorter stories fused together to make a novel. It also doesn’t have the developed wit or polished prose of later novels. YMMV, as they say; other readers find starting with a slightly later novel such as ‘Mort’, ‘Guards! Guards!’ or ‘Small Gods’ helpful, where Terry was beginning to find his real voice.

    And if you read anything about the witches (‘Equal Rites’ and onwards), you might be interested to know that two of the three witches were based on different sides of the same person, someone I once knew (but who is sadly no longer with us). I have Stories…

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