Monday Musings

Not much to write about this week. Happy to have completely avoided any TV coverage of The Royal Wedding. Were it not for the occasional radio news update, I might have been blissfully unaware the event was even happening. I’m led to understand the sermon was quite good, if you like that kind of thing. Though in some respects, it only serves to highlight divisions in Christian perspectives.

  • I’m not sure I’ve been doing it long enough to judge, but much like many other fields and professions, Product Management comes with its challenges. To that end, I enjoyed this article from the Mind The Product team, full of wisdom and great advice.
  • One of our designers sent me the link to this article this week. You’ll no doubt be pleased to know that meaningful design and delightful UX is exactly what we’re aiming for with TestRail and I had some preliminary discussions with our UX team last week regarding the implementation of some long awaited features in a future release. Stay tuned for more information in due course.
  • Staying with the product theme, I’ll be at the Product Tank World Product Day meetup in Birmingham, Wednesday evening this week. It’s the first time I’ve gotten along to a product specific meetup, so I’m very much looking forward to it!
  • I’ll also be at the ThinkTank in Birmingham on Thursday for the Lego based Home educators day.
  • Amongst other things making me happy at the moment is the Mercedes Benz E320 Sport I bought yesterday. My first Benz. Loving it!
  • I’m reading Why Buddhism is True which is chock full of insights and inspirations that are helping me along my meditation journey. I’ve now booked myself onto a silent retreat in September, so that’s gonna be fun (if quiet!)
  • I’m watching Patrick Melrose and Legion. Or at least, I would be watching Legion if Now TV hadn’t decided to remove episodes 3 & 4 – leaving 1 2 & 5 for some inexplicable reason… I never read the books on which the Patrick Melrose series is based, but they sound rather good…
Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out via a comment or on the socials if anything resonates.


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  • Robert Day says:

    Every time I’ve seen parts of that wedding’s sermon, I’ve been reminded of the ‘Babylon 5’ episode “And the Rock cried out, ‘No Hiding Place” “, which I suspect isn’t the reaction I was supposed to have.

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