Monday Musings

In a tale harking back to the original Robert Rodriguez podcast, told by Tim Ferriss and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on a more recent podcast, Tim and Joseph discuss the direction of films and how it’s basically the Directorial job title to deal with issues. In effect, that if everyone just turned up on time and did their job right and everything went 100% according to plan, there’d be no need for the director role. At least, not on set anyway. Presumably someone would still need to actually do all that planning.

The discussion kinda hit home for me, as it seemed to me there were some parallels between that discussion and some of my recent work experiences. As the product manager trying to ship a release, there comes a point on a project where your work is basically done. You’ve got a plan; now it’s time to work it. And, like the director, you get to be the one dealing with, responding to, making decisions about the many issues that come your way.

So, the discussion resonated. I feel a bit like a director at the moment. Maybe not Rodriguez, or Spielberg though. Maybe more of a Zucker. Or a Rogen. 😄

  • As you might gather from the above, I’ve been catching up on some Tim Ferriss. To be honest, aside from the item I mentioned above, I didn’t particularly rate the Gordon-Levitt podcast (even though I love most of his work). The Robert Rodriguez podcast was however very much worth a listen. I listened to it twice while driving around France a couple of years back, and am tempted to go listen again right now! Recommended.
  • The only thing stopping me re-listening to the Tim Ferriss/Robert Rodriguez podcast right now, is that I’m listening to an epic 6hr Dan Carling podcast – The Destroyer of Worlds. It’s all about the invention, use of and impact on geo-politics etc of nuclear weapons. Interesting stuff, and the long form nature is getting me through treating all of our various decking and wooden lawn furniture!
  • I was pleased to see the Gurock blog on this list of the 75 Best Software Testing Blogs. I’m not sure it’s particularly authoritative (as these things go). But if nothing else, it demonstrates that the hard work we’ve put into making the blog a go-to for testers, developers, analysts etc interested in developing their testing skills is paying off. A huge big-up-yo! to all the contributors who have helped make this happen.
  • Nice to see my own blog on the list also. Though, I don’t generally go by the Knighty monicker, it’s not entirely unheard of. 😄
  • My phone battery has been deteriorating for some months now, to the point where I managed to drain the battery on Friday in around a 4hr period. Unimpressed, and since I was on a retail park anyway (working while waiting to pick up kids from a birthday party) – I perused my replacement options in a couple of phone shops. Over time, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need a particularly high powered phone, just something reliable and robust. It also needs to be Samsung so as to optimally work with my Galaxy S3 Watch. I ended up going with the J5 Pro on account of a combination of decent memory, storage, expansibility (dual sim and SD slots), and robustness. This last point was particularly important for me. It’s not entirely made out of glass. I don’t understand whoever thought it was a good idea to make phones out of glass, and I wanted to opt out of this particular trend. Oh yeah, it was also cheap, weighing in at just £185 (via eBay).
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