Monday Musings

Few men realise that their life, the very essence of their character, their capabilities and their audacities, are only the expression of their belief in the safety of their surroundings. – Joseph Conrad

I found this quote in the Dark Mountain Project manifesto, which makes for grimly fascinating reading. I discovered the Dark Mountain Project via this somewhat depressing Guardian article, which should give some indication of what you’re letting yourself in for should you decide to explore further!

  • No Musings post last week on account of being on holiday. While away, I did find time to write a quick post about a Product Management model I stumbled across via Quora. I’m now in the process of extending that model, tracking the various activities that I am currently doing, or should be doing in the near to medium term, with a view towards helping me ensure I’m doing the best work I can given what I know right now.
  • I’ve been reading a bit about OKRs also. Mainly via Christina Wodtke’s book Radical Focus, but also some articles like this one which provides some useful examples from different contexts.
  • Holiday reading also consisted of brushing up on cognitive biases. Michael Maboussin’s book Think Twice: Harnessing the Power of Counterintuition seems pretty good in this regard, though – I haven’t actually finished it yet and there are plenty of other good books out there covering the same material, e.g. Thinking: Fast and Slow, and You Are Not So Smart, spring readily to mind.
  • I finished up Use of Weapons (tough going, kinda boring) and have now moved on to Excession; probably my favourite Iain M. Banks book thus far.
  • I heard about Four Against Darkness in a Boardgaming group I’m a part of. I like the idea of doing some pencils and paper type role play adventuring with the kids, so my copy’s now due to arrive today!
Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out via a comment or on the socials if anything resonates.



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