Mini-Workshops for Testers

By October 14, 2014 Meetups 4 Comments

I’m pondering whether some mini-workshops for testers are feasible for #BrummieTesterMeetup‘s next year.

I had the following in mind. I reckon about 90 mins for each…

  1. Xmind
  2. Jmeter
  3. Soapui
  4. Fiddler
  5. Dev tools
  6. Webdriver
  7. Jenkins
  8. Ruby
  9. Python
  10. SQL

What do you the testing community think about these as topics? Anyone want to volunteer to come along to Birmingham and deliver one of them?


Following some further discussions, we have the following lineup more or less confirmed for next year:

JanuaryJMeter assisted testing - Simon KnightYes
FebruaryFiddler assisted testing - Simon KnightYes
MarchSpecial Guest TBCin progress...
AprilSQL for Testers - Ranjit ShringapureYes
Maytesting mobile devices using simulators - Stephen Janawayin progress...
JuneWebdriver assisted testing - Richard BradshawYes
Julysummer breakN/A
Augustsummer breakN/A
Septemberbrowser development tool assisted testing - Richard BradshawYes
Octobertesting for security - Dan BillingYes
Novembertesting real mobile devices - Stephen Janawayin progress...
DecemberXmas breakN/A

Many thanks to Ranjit, Stephen, Richard and Dan. Watch out for a special guest announcement soon!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out via a comment or on the socials if anything resonates.



  • Zachary says:

    I’d love to learn about all of these, some more than others for sure. Ruby, python and jmeter 😀

  • Stephen Janaway says:

    How about some mobile ones – things like ‘using simulators’, ‘using browser dev tools’, ‘using real devices’, etc?

    Depending on timing, etc then I may be able to help out.

    • Simon Knight says:

      Sounds great!

      The list was spur of the moment pretty much, so certainly isn’t definitive. I realised just after posting that ZAProxy would be a good addition too, for example.

      I’ll be in touch to line something up anyway.

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