Hey, What’s the Big Idea?

the big idea

It’s always interesting to me that, one of the paradoxes about being in business is, the ones who make it really big aren’t in it for the money.

I mean, if we take a look at Microsoft for example. Bill Gates wasn’t JUST in it to make a ton of money. Sure, he did – but just look at how he’s spending it now he’s got it:

… tackling the global problems that are ignored by governments and other organizations.

(from Wikipedia.)

Bill Gates was ALWAYS about changing the world using software and providing people with the tools they needed to solve some of the worlds problems. Now, as the worlds wealthiest individual (to the tune of $70 + billion last I checked) he’s in a position to REALLY make an impact.

And so it has been throughout the ages. Bill Gates models his philanthropic work on the renowned Rockefeller family, who themselves are simply examples of a long line of business people that had big ideas and wanted to change the world around them.

Looking at these examples, it might be tempting to think – “When I have lots of money, I’ll use it to change the world too.”

But why wait?

What if you can change the world with your business right now? What if, by thinking about how your business can have an impact on even just one person, you were able to create a kind of ripple effect that spreads outwards and ultimately goes on to change and influence a great many lives for the better?

The fact is – you DON’T have to wait until you’re a multi-billionaire before you start thinking about ways to change the world through your business. YOU CAN start right now,

  • Think about how you can exceed your customer expectations and create a powerful feeling of satisfaction that impacts their spouse and children if only for that day.
  • Think about how your product could be exactly the thing that one person needs – so much so that they go on to tell all of their friends about it, impacting their lives too in the process.
  • Think about how that message you have can actually change someone’s mindset so powerfully that they share it with all their friends on social media, becoming a VIRAL SENSATION and influencing the lives of thousands, perhaps millions of people!

You see, you can change the world around you. You can do it either at a personal level with acts of kindness and generosity, or you can do it through your business by creating and delivering a powerful product, service or message.

The only thing stopping you is your own lack of imagination. Your lack of belief in what YOU have to offer.

Stop it already.

Think bigger.

The world is waiting for you. It’s time for you to wake up to your potential.

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