Thanks for checking out my About Me page. This is my opportunity to really show off!

I’m going to assume you’re here because you’re interested in the kind of work I do and how I do it. You may even be considering hiring a testing consultant or test manager. If you are, you should definitely read on.

If you’re expecting this to read like some kind of online CV then STOP RIGHT NOW. Just download my actual CV here instead.

If on the other hand you’re looking for a quick overview on how I can help you to:

Maximise the impact of your existing software testing efforts,

Reduce the cost of software testing in your organisation,

Deliver better software, faster.

Then read on. You’re in exactly the right place.

Ponder for a moment all of those requirements that somehow get miscommunicated or misunderstood and that end up manifesting themselves to your customers as flaws, bugs or even worse – a poor user experience. What would it be worth to you to eliminate those issues right up front, before they even made it to your codebase?

And what about that codebase? What does the test coverage look like? Is there any at all? Are your developers applying clean code principles? Is the code peer reviewed? Are your developers pairing, or carrying out any exploratory testing?

How much risk are you willing to tolerate?

How about you imagine a scene instead where you have a professional software testing facilitator shining a light into all of the difficult, complicated areas of your product – the places where even your developers fear to tread!

And where that tester is also coaching your existing people to do the same thing, using the most powerful testing skills, thinking and tools.

Picture with me if you will a place where user stories have been tested up-front by a skilled professional specialising in critical thinking, questioning and artful communication. A brave new world of continuous, stable, reliable releases into your production environment that raise the bar for your organisation and industry. A world where software is lovingly crafted, finished and delights your customers.

What would that be worth to you?

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Still here?

What – you need proof? Well sure. You shouldn’t just take my word for it. Why don’t you check out what some of my previous clients have had to say, below.

Simon’s arrival on the project initiated a big step change in how we were working – shining a light on how much more rigorous, organised and systematic we should be in our testing. Simon’s clarity of thinking, communicating and logical decision making were invaluable to me as the project manager. – Laura Fleming, Royal College of Physicians

If I were crazy enough to cut Simon in half I would find that he bleeds Quality. Simon is of course, conscientious and dedicated to the task at hand but is also able to identify and drive through process improvements. Furthermore his ability to engage with people of all abilities and backgrounds produces a Strategic Vision rarely found in the Test Arena. – Jon Greenwood, Dunelm

Simon is a first rate QA expert. – Carl Bruiners, Dunelm

Simon added significant value to the programme with his test expertise. – Monty Menon, Dunelm

Simon’s professionalism and technical ability are excellent. – Paul Knibbs, Capita Group

Simon’s utter commitment to meeting his objectives can intimidate some but seeing such motivation can and should be an inspiration to all. – John Millington, Homeserve

Ok so this is the part, normally, where there’s a call to action right?

It’s the part where you get told how you can get in contact with <insert services company name here> and they say – one of our sales people will be in touch.

Well, here’s the thing. if you click the button below, you get a direct line to me. I’ll be in touch – personally. And when you hire me – you get exactly that. Me, and my utter commitment to you, getting your product shipped. Me – working with your development and testing teams. Helping them deliver your software, faster, better, cheaper.

If that sounds good to you then just push the button below.

Fill out the form, let me know what your needs are and I’ll be in touch. We can figure out the rest together.

– Simon

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